A Knives Out Mystery’ Ending Explained

  • Spoilers ahead for “Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery,” premiering today.
  • In the new film, Benoit Blanc is invited to a murder mystery party on a private island that goes awry.
  • The final mystery is a bit more complicated than “Knives Out”. It’s also more enjoyable.

“Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery” somehow provides an even more cathartic ending than the first film.

The sequel, which opens in theaters today, follows famous detective Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig) as he joins a group of celebrity friends who go on their annual vacation together. This time, they are invited to a private island by Miles Bron (Edward Norton), a genius inventor and leader of the Atmos company, to play a murder mystery game.

However, when Blanc arrives at the island mansion, the people at the party begin to be lured by an assassin. Men’s rights streamer Duke Cody (Dave Bautista) is the first victim, and later during a blackout, Miles’ ex-partner Cassandra “Andi” Brand (Janelle Monáe) is also shot.

However, things are not as they seem.

If you’re confused by the turn of events in the last third of the film, see how Blanc discovers the killer and brings justice to the victims.

Miles Bronn is revealed to be the killer and con man

Glass onion

Edward Norton as Miles Bronn.


After filming “Andi”, the film jumps back in time to before the party on the island begins. It is believed that the real Andy took her own life after losing her company, Atmos. Miles had forced her out and took credit for planning everything so she couldn’t get any money out of it. The only piece of evidence that could prove what he did is a napkin where he wrote down the ideas for Atmos, which Andy thought she had lost.

So when Andi’s twin sister, Helen Brand (also played by Monáe, of course), discovers that her sister had finally found the napkin and told her other celebrity friends, Helen concludes that one of them he killed to hide the truth. That’s when he hires Benoit Blanc and together, with Helen playing Andi, head to the island to uncover the culprit.

It is Helen pretending to be Andy who is shot by the mysterious assailant. Luckily, she survives because the bullet gets caught in her notebook.

While Helen searches for the final piece of the puzzle, Blanc distracts the other guests by revealing the truth of what happened. He concludes that Miles was the killer all along. Lionel Touissant (Leslie Odom Jr.) had revealed to Miles that Andi found the napkin and Chief Atmos decided to poison her to hide the truth. Duke had found out the truth and tried to blackmail Miles, which led to Miles killing him using pineapple juice, which streamer was allergic to.

Finally, during the blackout, Miles took the opportunity to get rid of Helen. Ellen then appears in the room while Benoit wraps it all up to reveal the one piece of evidence that ties it all together: Andy’s napkin with the original blueprints for the company.

Instead of ending with Miles’ arrest, Rian Johnson delivers true justice for Andy and Helen by destroying everything he’s built

Glass onion

Janelle Monáe plays both Cassandra “Andi” Brand and Helen Brand.

John Wilson/Netflix

Unfortunately, before they can show this evidence to the police, Miles uses his lighter to burn the napkin, meaning there would be no way to prosecute. Each of Miles’ friends, even though they know he’s a killer, decide to continue protecting him since there’s no more evidence to bring him down and he has dirt on all of them.

Even Benoit reveals to Helen that as a detective, he can’t help her any more, but he provides her with another method to get justice. He gives her Klear hydrogen, a clean energy fuel that Atmos is trying to bring to market, and instructs her to use it. Earlier in the film, Klear hydrogen was said to be highly flammable, which is why members of Miles’ company were wary of bringing it to market.

So instead of taking Miles down, Helen takes down his company.

He begins by breaking his glass trophies, which the rest of the party guests join in on, as Miles has hurt them all in the past, in one way or another. Helen then pours alcohol on the floor and sets it on fire using a lighter. At this point, Miles and the others believe that Helen is just recklessly vandalizing the mansion.

This is when he reveals the Klear hydrogen and throws it into the fire, causing it to explode further. Helen then turns her gaze to the final nail in the coffin. During the film, Miles reveals that he has Leonardo DaVinci’s actual Mona Lisa painting in his room (because he always wanted his name in the same sentence as the artwork). Knowing that this would destroy him, Helen opens the glass case where the painting is kept, only to be consumed by the fire.

After everyone escapes the burning building, Helen reveals that the fire not only destroyed Miles’ house and painting, but proves just how dangerous Atmos’ new fuel is. This means that in addition to the scandal of Miles destroying a famous work of art, the businessman cannot reveal his new venture for which he had already spent a lot of money. That’s when the other celebrity friends finally turn on Miles, saying they’re willing to testify about his crimes in court, even at the expense of their own reputations.

This ending is a bit more crowd-pleasing than “Knives Out”. Arresting Miles would be a temporary solution. Just like Ransom in “Knives Out,” Miles is rich enough and has good enough lawyers to escape full punishment for his crimes. The only true payback for someone like Miles is to fully expose him and destroy what he has stolen from others.

“Glass Onion” is currently in theaters.

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