A great wireless pad for PC and Switch

After the recent release of the wired controller, which was and is excellent, 8BitDo has followed up with a new wireless gamepad for PC and Switch.

Like the latest controllers from 8BitDo, this new wireless controller is also compatible with the Ultimate Software app.

This allows you to customize the controller very extensively, from input macros, to switchable controller profiles and customizable vibration modes (among many other things).

What makes this all quite special and seamless is the use of a charging base that doubles as the controller’s wireless connection.

It’s all very plug and play, as connecting the controller via the USB cable syncs the dock and pad. Simply removing the pad starts the wireless connection, with no additional configuration required.

There’s also a 2.4g USB dongle stored in the dock if you just want to connect the pad that way.

Battery life is also long, coming in at 22 hours on a full charge.

However, the pillow itself feels great. It is very comfortable to hold and the grip is excellent. The buttons are also distinct and accurate to input, as well as very responsive.

Like other recent 8BitDo pads, you also get two additional buttons on the back that can be customized as to their insertion.

I gave the block a test drive in the recently released SD Gundam Battle Alliance, as I have already called about how the game plays. In short, I had no issues and was able to play the game just fine.

In addition to working on Windows 10, the pad is also compatible with the Switch. While I have way too much love for the Switch Pro pad, this new 8BitDo offering is easily just as good.

However, for me, this is now my new PC gaming controller. The wired pad was and is amazing, but this wireless pad is just as good and so easy to use.

8BitDo continues to make some really great game controllers, I just wish they would start offering their services for PlayStation consoles.

The 8BitDo Ultimate Controller with Charging Dock is available from the 8BitDo online store for $69.99.

Disclosure: 8BitDo sent me this controller for the purpose of this review.

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