9 iconic film and TV locations you must visit in the UK

If you have a deep love for a certain movie or TV show, there’s nothing like visiting the filming location and standing right where your favorite scenes were filmed. Even if you only have a passing interest in television and film, seeing the locations for yourself can evoke an emotional response and a sense of greater connection to the story.

The UK has many wonderful film locations, due to the landscape and many old manor houses, castles and countryside almost untouched by modern life. You can tour movie locations, walk in the footsteps of your favorite characters, and learn how old houses and ordinary locations were transformed into the movie sets you know and love. To get you started, in no particular order, here are nine iconic film and TV locations you must visit in the UK.

transported giant

Gulliver’s Travels at Blenheim Palace

Photo: 2010 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

1. Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire


In the film starring Robert Downey Jr., Blenheim Palace represents Buckingham Palace and does it well. Located miles from the Oxfordshire countryside, Blenheim Palace was the birthplace of Winston Churchill. There is a special exhibition about his life and adventures at home. You can even visit the room in which he was born. The palace is the choice of many films and TV shows to set a scene or two in, due to its sheer size, grandeur and the gardens and grounds that surround it. The palace has also appeared in James Bond, Harry Potter, Mission Impossible and Gulliver’s Travels. There is much to see here including formal gardens, a walled garden, a maze, nature trails and buggy rides.

2. Morlais Park, Wales

Willow tree

One of the show’s most important battle scenes, the battle at the Inn of the Slaughtered Lamb, was filmed at Morlais Park, the former quarry, in south-east Wales. The park consists of a series of four limestone quarries located on the western and northern slopes of Morlais Hill. Each of the quarries offers its own atmosphere and secluded gathering spots for large groups, making it the perfect location for the big battle scene in Willow tree, the new Disney+ TV show. Nearby are the ruins of Morlais Castle, and like the quarry, its sheer size is awe-inspiring.

Pro tip: This is a popular location with climbers and photographers and you are likely to see many people here scaling the quarry walls and photographing the scenery. If you visit because you love Willow treebe aware that you are unlikely to get this site yourself.

library in Weston Park with painting over the fire

Weston Park Library

Photo: Weston Park Enterprises Limited

3. Weston Park, Shropshire


The movie Blessing, released in 2021, is about the life and works of the war poet, Siegfried Sassoon. It’s a very British film and so it’s no surprise that the film was shot in various locations across the UK. But when it came time to recreate The Reform Club in London, which Sassoon and his fellow poets frequented, the library in Weston Park was the first choice. Once at the house, the film crew decided it was so perfect that they would shoot more scenes there, including using the orangery for a party scene and using part of the house as a set for Sassoon’s mother’s house. Visitors can see inside this 17u-Century house and walk in the gardens. It’s a beautiful old house and a great place to visit whether you know the movie or not. You can even stay in one of the cottages or the Victorian wing of the house and feel like you’re part of history.

mansion property

Somerleyton Hall

Photo: Somerleyton Hall

4. Somerleyton Hall, Norfolk

The crown

When it came time to shoot the fourth season The crown, the filmmakers needed a location to double Sandringham House, the Queens private country retreat, Somerleyton Hall stood out as the perfect place. The two houses share a lot in common. They were both Jacobean houses originally, and both were renovated in the Victorian era, so they have a similar look and feel to them. The hall featured heavily in this series and was the setting for many of the scenes that showed the tension between Prince Charles and Diana. Today, the hall hosts weddings and can be booked for private events and parties by private request only. Visitors can enjoy the gardens from Easter to October.

Pro tip: The house is still a house and not open to the public for general admissions. It is used for private functions, but if you visit because you love the crown, you won’t get to see the interior and where the filming took place. You can see the house from the outside and enjoy the gardens, but be aware that this is a private residence.

The Sainsbury Center for Visual Arts, designed by Norman Foster and opened in 1978, with a Henry Moore sculpture at the University of East Anglia, Norwich, Norfolk, UK.

Sainsbury Centre

Photo: Ron Ellis/Shutterstock.com

5. Sainsbury Centre, Norwich

Avengers: Age Of Ultron

The Sainsbury Center is a museum and visual art gallery and in the film, Avengers: Age of Ultron, the center was used as the headquarters of the Avengers. It’s hard to believe that this was the location for such a huge movie when you visit. It feels unassuming and quite modest inside. It even feels a little ordinary. Admission is free and you can wander around at your leisure, enjoying the exhibits in peace and quiet. It’s a great place to visit, but it sure doesn’t look like a movie set. It’s an interesting building though, and from the outside, you can see why it was chosen. If you’re a fan of the Avengers movies, the exterior of the building looks exactly like it did in the movie, so it’s a great place to snap some photos and stand where your favorite characters once stood.

white castle looking building with autumn leaves in front

Diary house

Photo: Callendar House

6. Callendar House, Falkirk, Scotland


This 11th century house in Falkirk, Scotland was an easy choice for part of the filming Foreign, due to its age and period of appearance and feel. As soon as you get up close you can see that this is perfect for the period show. The kitchen at Callendar House was used as the kitchen at the Duke of Sandringham’s home, Belhurst Manor. The kitchen at Callendar House is still a focal point for guests, whether you travel to the house because you love Outlander or not. It’s in the kitchen where you’ll find staff members in period costume telling stories about what it was like to work under the stairs and offering you samples of 19th century food to try. On site, there is a nature trail, golf course, woodland and children’s play areas.

Trinity House at night

Trinity House at night

Photo: Trinity House

7. Trinity House, London


Trinity House is conveniently located in the city, a short walk from Tower Hill tube station behind the iconic Tower of London and overlooking the River Thames. The site is the working home of the General Lighthouse Authority of England and Wales and stands behind a cobbled and handrailed courtyard, the setting for a segment of a James Bond film Skyfall. The railings have been featured in many film productions, including Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. The house overlooks Trinity Square Gardens and its monuments. Although it is usually closed to members of the public, there are walking tours that members of the public can book.

Inch Abbey in Northern Ireland.  Ruins of a monastery at Downpatrick

Inch Abbey in Northern Ireland

Photo: Lyd Photography / Shutterstock.com

8. Inch Abbey, County Down, Northern Ireland

Game of Thrones

The ruined Inch Abbey in Northern Ireland was the location for the scene Game of Thrones when Robb Stark became king in the north. It’s free to wander around the ruins and information boards give an overview of its history, but there are no facilities here. The abbey dates back to the 12th centuryu century. It is a beautiful place and it is a place of pilgrimage Game of Thrones fans. The walking tours are organized from Dublin and include cloaks, swords and shields so those who take part can look and feel like they are part of the set. Every time you visit, you are likely to see many visitors in full Game of Thrones suits.

Pro tip: If you do the walking tour, be prepared for a lot of walking. This is a full day, with lunch, and you must have a good level of fitness.

turquoise blue walls and several chandeliers in Bath's boardrooms

Bathroom conference rooms

Photo: grandparents / Shutterstock.com

9. Assembly Rooms, Bath


Built in 1769, these large rooms were originally used for parties and social gatherings and have not changed much. Today the rooms can be rented for weddings, events and parties, as they always have been. Visitors can also take a look around while in the wonderful city of Bath. The rooms were used in the TV show, Bridgerton, as the location for some of the incredible balls that took place in the popular Netflix series. You can take a walking tour of some of the filming locations Bridgerton in Bath, which includes the Assembly Rooms.

Pro tip: You can book the walking tour and do the tour with a group of other guests, but if you have a large party with you, you can book the tour privately so you can visit Bridgerton websites with your one-on-one guide.

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