3 ex-cops plead guilty in 2021 fatal shooting of 8-year-old girl

  • Three former police officers have pleaded guilty after shooting an 8-year-old girl last year, officials said.
  • The officers were charged with reckless endangerment, officials said.
  • The girl’s family told CNN in a statement that the “agony” they are feeling is “indescribable.”

Three former Pennsylvania police officers pleaded guilty Thursday to reckless endangerment in connection with the fatal shooting of an 8-year-old girl last year.

The shooting happened in August 2021 at Academy Park High School when shots were fired as the crowd was leaving a local football game. Sharon Hill police officers Sean Dolan, Devon Smith and Brian Devaney were later accused of shooting into the car, which was carrying 8-year-old Fanda Bility.

NBC News reported that the three officers fired 25 times at the car and the crowd leaving the game. Three were shot by police, including Billy, and a fourth person was also injured.

The three men were fired earlier this year after prosecutors brought charges against them.

“Fanda’s death was a tragedy for her family, her friends and the entire community – and nothing that happened in the courtroom today can lessen the grief we all felt from that terrible night,” he wrote. Delaware County District Attorney Jack Stollsheimer said in a statement to NBC.

The three officers were also initially charged with involuntary manslaughter, but those charges were dropped as part of a plea deal, according to WPVI.

Billy’s family said the “trauma caused” by the “police department has overwhelmed my family with tremendous grief” in a statement to CNN.

“The anguish we feel constantly reliving the loss of our beloved Fanda, who was just 8 years old when she was killed by Sharon Hill police officers, is impossible to put into words,” Billy’s family said, according to CNN.

Billie watched the game with her mother and sister. Billy’s sister was also shot, according to NBC. Billie’s family told CNN the city should also be held accountable for her death.

“We must ensure that all officers are properly trained so that no one ever has to experience the horror and tremendous loss and pain that we continue to feel on a daily basis,” the statement said.

Billy’s family has filed a lawsuit against the three former officers and the Sharon Hill Police Department.

A sentencing hearing for the three officers is scheduled for January 2023.

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