2022 NFL Trade Deadline Grades Watch: Vikings fleece Lions with TJ Hockenson deal, Ravens add Roquan Smith

2022 NFL Trade Deadline Grades Watch: Vikings fleece Lions with TJ Hockenson deal, Ravens add Roquan Smith

The 2022 NFL trade deadline is just hours away, and several deals have already been made by Tuesday’s 4 p.m. deadline. ET. With a lot of parity in the league, more clubs could they see themselves as contenders and explore the market. Others, however, could take the opportunity to sell some of their top assets in anticipation of an overhaul in 2023.

Here, we grade each of the notable moves to drop before Tuesday’s trade deadline:

Vikings acquire TJ Hockenson

Vikings get: TE TJ Hockenson, 2023 fourth-round pick, conditional 2024 fourth-round pick
Lions get: 2023 second round pick, 2024 third round pick

With Irv Smith Jr. getting hit, Minnesota needed some help. Instead, they got one mass upgrade. Hockenson has struggled with injuries, but when healthy, he’s easily a top-10 player at his position, rounding out an already impressive Vikings group that includes Dalvin Cook, Justin Jefferson and Adam Thielen. All the Vikings give up, to secure Hockenson through at least 2023 on a reasonable deal, is essentially the equivalent of a second rounder. Detroit has reasons to sell, sure, but why did his trade chip have to be one of their least proven building blocks, who will now play them twice a year and be hard to replace even with the improved capital plan?

Vikings Rank: ONE
Lions Grade: D+

Crows get: LB Roquan Smith
Bears get: 2023 second-round pick, 2023 fifth-round pick, LB AJ Klein

The Ravens sure are to get a play-maker in an improved defense. Smith leads the NFL with 83 tackles and brings tenacious energy. Whether the Ravens can sign him to a reasonable long-term deal at a position that doesn’t always age well will go a long way toward justifying that gamble, but Baltimore could gain a compensatory pick if he leaves after the season. As far as the Bears are concerned, getting two picks for an impending free agent is solid. After also dealing Robert Quinn, they now have a first, two seconds, a third, two fourths, two fifths and a seventh in the 2023 draft. The rebuild is underway.

Ravens Grade: SI-
Bears grade: B+

Leaders get: WR Kadarius Toney
Giants get: 2023 third-round pick, 2023 sixth-round pick

If anyone can squeeze the untapped juice out of a once-hyped Swiss army knife, it’s Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes, right? If another team delivered two options for a fragile freestyler who has missed 10 races in a season and a half, we might scratch our heads. And Toney’s inability to stay healthy and/or engage up to this point is a real concern. But the Chiefs are primed to make use of his versatile shift, allowing him to operate as a No. 3 guy, as opposed to the No. 1 that New York desperately needed. The Giants get credit for admitting their mistake, but KC, essentially only surrendering an extra pick (the third round is an offsetting bonus), has the supporting cast to end up with the most value.

Supervisor Grade: si
Giant Rank: C+

Eagles acquire Robert Quinn

Eagles get: DE Robert Quinn
Bears get: 2023 fourth-round pick

In the hunt for a title thanks to their 6-0 start, the Eagles already had several big names on their defense, but Quinn gives them a proven pass rush situation to connect the rotation. The former Pro Bowler struggled to replicate his 2021 dominance earlier this year, but he has more than a decade of experience as a tight end and should be right across from Brandon Graham behind starters Josh Sweat and star Haason Reddick . A quarterback for an expensive 32-year-old isn’t cheap, but the Bears are reportedly eating up most of Quinn’s salary and he’s easily expendable after the season. Call it a win-win for both sides, with Philly hoping to bolster their frontcourt heading into 2017.

Eagles Grade: B+
Bears grade: si

The 49 get: RB Christian McCaffrey
Panthers get: Second-round pick 2023, Third-round pick 2023, Fourth-round pick 2023, Fifth-round pick 2024

Kyle Shanahan has generally designed a dominant ground game regardless of who is in the backfield, so the The 49ers’ investment in McCaffrey, who is also owed $36 million from 2023-2025, is quite costly. As an immediate addition of course it gives Jimmy Garoppolo one elite safety as both a runner and receiver, ensuring San Francisco should be a contender out of the NFC West. But overall, it’s hard not to crown Carolina the winner: as special as McCaffrey may have been on offense and in their base, he has an extensive injury history at a position that’s more replaceable than ever, and his return will help the Panthers in their next pursuit of a franchise quarterback.

Grade 49: SI-
Panthers Grade: ONE

Jets get: RB James Robinson
Jaguars get: 2023 conditional sixth round pick

New York act quickly to replace Breece Hall, whose explosive rookie season ended prematurely due to injury, and paid a small price to do so. What Robinson lacks in pure explosiveness, he makes up for in toughness, giving the Jets a potential workhorse for their outstanding ground game and playoff surprise. Jacksonville has been forced to lean more heavily on Travis Etienne, Robinson’s counterpart, so getting as high as a veteran coming off a serious injury carries a lot of value. Still, they could have kept Robinson on a modest restricted free agent deal in 2023 as an Etienne safety.

Jet Grade: ONE-
Jaguars Grade: si

Cowboys get: DT Johnathan Hankins, 2024 seventh-round pick;
Raiders get: 2023 sixth round pick

Dallas’ defense has been a terror for most opponents, but the only weak spot has been the linebacking, which makes Hankins (6-3, 340) ideal plug-and-play option indoors. With their eyes set on the playoffs, the Cowboys are hiring a proven player who could very well end up being their full-time star forward. Las Vegas is fine to trade picks and offload a 30-year-old who is losing out on younger investments, but it’s possible the Raiders’ top-10 “D” line could take a hit now in the event of an injury.

Cowboy Grade: B+
Raiders Grade: SI-

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